Easter Menu



Order dishes from our restaurant for your Easter table.

Beetroot salad with horseradish 3,00 PLN/1 portion

Horseradish with egg 2,50 PLN/1 portion

Tatar sauce 3,00 PLN/1 portion

Baked turkey fillet 7,00 PLN/1 portion

Smoked duck breast 8,00 PLN/1 portion

Dried roast beef 8,00 PLN/1 portion

Game pâté 8,00 PLN/1 portion

Duck pâté 6,00 PLN/1 portion

Pork pâté 6,00 PLN/1 portion

Salmon in ash 15,00 PLN/1 portion

Herring in baked pepper 6,50 PLN/1 portion

Baked pork neck 6,00 PLN/1 portion

Baked bacon 5,00 PLN/1 portion

Pork jelly (brawn) (approx. 150 g) 5,00 PLN/pcs.

Easter sour rye soup with white sausage 4,00 PLN/1 portion

Lamb's chump in sauce 10,00 PLN/1 portion

Confit duck leg (approx. 200 g) 12,00 PLN/pcs.

Silesian beef roulade in sauce (approx. 150 g) 12,00 PLN/pcs.

Deer stew in red wine 8,00 PLN/1 portion

Cheese noodles 4,00 PLN/1 portion

Silesian dumplings 3,50 PLN/1 portion

Fried beetroots 3,00 PLN/1 portion

Red cabbage salad 2,50 PLN/1 portion

Easter cake Mazurek 5,00 PLN/1 portion

Chocolate and nut tart 8,00 PLN/1 portion

Cheesecake 35,00 PLN/1 kg

Easter yeast cake (approx. 500 g) 15,00 PLN//1 pcs.

Easter pound cake (approx. 500 g) 15,00 PLN/1 pcs.

Pear and almond tart (approx. 700 g) 29,00 PLN/1 pcs.

- 1 portion corresponds to 100 g or 100 ml
- the last orders are accepted until 6 April 2020 at 23:00 hours.
- payment methods: card/phone or earlier online payment (PayByLink)
- delivery or collection of orders on 10 and 11 April from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
- payment for delivery is 15 PLN (on the Krakow area), with an order for minimum 200 PLN delivery is free of charge
Tel. 12 342 81 42