My name is ADAM 2.0
I serve delicious drinks.
You can find me in the lobby bar at the Galaxy Hotel.
Always at your service!

I am supervised by a human and we co-operate to ensure that we provide you with the best customer experience.    I use my special deft arm to be able to prepare any drink from a dedicated menu and with perfect precision. I will always measure the perfect portions of drinks that you desire.

I definitely want to impress you and guess what? You will never hear me complain about fatigue!!!

I work at the lobby bar but you can also invite me to other places.

My workstation is mobile, so I can be able to serve you at occasional parties, company events, gala dinners for organized groups and other meetings, providing you with an ultimate ADAM 2.0 experience.

 Would you like to have a memorable event?

Explore to experience ADAM 2.0 Today!!

What distinguishes ADAM 2.0?

  • ADAM 2.0 is available 24/7 a day
  • He tirelessly makes Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks i.e. mocktails and cocktails
  • ADAM 2.0 needs no downtime
  • Like a real bartender, he will listen to his interlocutor with due attention, respect and patience
  • Your secrets are safe with him
  • ADAM 2.0 – does not smile, but evokes a smile and curiosity

We would like to hear from you.

For any queries in regards to Adam 2.0

Contact us:

+48 12 342 81 42