Lunch of the day

Every day different, fresh lunch dishes. You can choose a single dish or compose your own set based on the menu below.

12th April
Poultry broth with rice noodles & vegetables 10 zł
Grilled vegetables & home-made bread 15 zł
Pork chop baked with cheese, potatoes & tomato salad 25 zł
Thin steamed pastry with pudding cream 10 zł

13th April
Bulgur salad with smoked cheese & vegetable mix 10 zł
Dumplings stuffed with cottage cheese & potatoes 15 zł
Beef meat goulash, buckwheat groats & red beetroots 25 zł
Meringue with cream & fresh fruits 10 zł

14th April
Cream of broccoli soup with home-made bread 10 zł
Crepes with courgette, onion  & cheese on tomato & bell pepper sauce 15 zł
Pork ham in gravy with  small drop noodles a'la gnocchi & raw celery salad 25 zł
Muffin with toffee cream 10 zł

15th April
Tortilla with lettuce mix, vegetables & hard-boiled egg 10 zł
Pasta with olives & vegetables 15 zł
Poultry meat burger with French fries & home-made sauce 25 zł
Crepes with cottage cheese 10 zł

16th April
Lettuce mix with feta cheese, tomatoes & croutons 10 zł
Small dumplings a'la gnocchi with braised vegetables & cheese 15 zł
Turkey meatballs in tomato sauce with groats 25 zł
Fruit tart 10 zł

ORDERS: 10:00 - 16:00
COLLECTION: 13:00 - 16:00

Menu available with delivery (up to 7 km from the restaurant) and also with personal collection.
Delivery charge 10 PLN.
Free of charge deliver for orders over 50 pln.