Lunch of the day

Every day different, fresh lunch dishes. You can choose a single dish or compose your own set based on the menu below.

3rd March
Lettuce mix with tuna, hard-boiled egg and home-made bread 10 zł
Hot Panini sandwich with salami picante, rocket & mozzarella cheese 15 zł
Cabbage rolls stuffed with fish & mixed groats in mushroom sauce 25 zł
Apples fried in dough served with fruit sauce 10 zł

4th March
Cream of red beetroot soup with smoked quark 10 zł
Penne with sun dried tomatoes & spinach 15 zł
Turkey meat lasagne with tomato sauce 25 zł
Home-made mixed nut cake 10 zł

5th March
Tomato salad with Polish sheep cheese „Bryndza” & home-made crispy bread 10 zł
Beef tripe soup with cheese & vegetables 15 zł
Grilled chicken & risotto with green peas 25 zł
Cheesecake 10 zł

6th March
Fish soup with noodles 10 zł
Ravioli stuffed with courgette, green peas and aubergine with browned butter & chive yoghurt 15 zł
Beef shin with horseradish sauce, potatoes & fried red beetroots 25 zł
Puff pastry tarta tatin 10 zł

7th March
Lettuce mix with grillled vegatables & home-made leek bread rolls 10 zł
Dumplings stuffed with sauerkraut & mushrooms served with fried onion 15 zł
Dumplings stuffed with mixed meat served with pork scratchings & fried onion 25 zł
Cholocate cake Sacher 10 zł

8th March
Shelled peas soup with vegetables, majoram olive & home-made bread 10 zł
Omelette with spinach & mozzarella cheese 15 zł
Chicken curry with mixed vegetable & rice 25 zł
Home-made apple pie 10 zł

ORDERS: 10:00 - 16:00
COLLECTION: 13:00 - 16:00

Menu available with delivery (up to 7 km from the restaurant) and also with personal collection.
Delivery charge 10 PLN.
Free of charge deliver for orders over 50 pln.