Children’s menu

Children’s Menu

Buglers broth 7 PLN
Chicken broth with noodles

Mums cream soup 9 PLN
Cream of tomato soup with croutons

Dragons delicacy 19 PLN
Breaded chicken fillet, potato puree and raw carrot salad

Fish from stream 21 PLN
Fried trout fillet, roasted potatoes and raw cucumber salad with sour cream

Royal chicken burger 19 PLN
Royal chicken burger with french fries

For wolfish appetite 15 PLN
Home-made dumplings with meat stuffing with fried onion

Pasta of Queen Bona 15 PLN
Penne pasta with tomato sauce

Snack of Szewczyk Dratewka 7 PLN
Toast with ham and cheese

Chivarlick dessert 15 PLN
Home-made dumplings with cottage cheese and sugar

Polish crepe dream 9 PLN
Polish crepe with home-made jam and chocolate cream

Dessert of Ice Queen 7 PLN
Ice-cream selection chocolate cream

Tutti frutti salad 7 PLN
Fruit salad with whipped cream

Beaverages 5 PLN
Tea | Mineral water | Fruit juice